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Biotin Side Effects & Risks

Biotin is commonly included in B-complex vitamins (it’s also known as vitamin B7) and is available as a stand-alone supplement due to its importance for overall health. This nutrient is essential in the process of absorbing and metabolizing nutrients from the foods you eat and plays an integral role in healthy growth. In addition, failing to consume enough biotin can compromise both your appearance – thinning hair and rashes can result – and your mental health – depression and listlessness are common – so biotin supplements can be helpful for avoiding the many adverse Biotin side effects.

Biotin: Generally Considered Safe

Biotin Side Effects
Despite biotin’s benefits, you should consult a doctor prior to use, as this supplement, as with any other, does carry with it the risk of side effects. However, there are very few side effects associated with biotin and even at high doses, research suggests that adverse effects are rare.

Generally, biotin is considered safe; the vitamin is water-soluble, meaning your body can get rid of excess biotin relatively easily. Additionally, biotin is not known to cause adverse reactions when combined with any common medications, but you should check with a doctor if you are currently taking medication to ensure safety.

Possible Biotin Side Effects

One of the potential biotin side effects of which you should be aware is the risk of allergic reaction. If you react poorly to foods such as yeast, liver, eggs, cheese and pork, it may be the biotin content that is causing the allergic reaction. Another potential biotin supplement side effect is stomach discomfort or nausea due to other ingredients included in your biotin tablets or capsules. Supplements often have inactive ingredients to support shelf-life or active ingredients to enhance absorption and taste, and these have the potential to produce nausea or upset stomach.

Overall, the risk of biotin side effects is low, as research indicates that even doses well above the daily suggested intake are tolerable. Regardless of the low risk of side effects, consult a doctor before taking biotin supplements or other nutritional supplements. If you experience adverse effects while taking biotin supplements, stop taking the product and consult a doctor immediately.